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We work almost exclusively with leading private wine clubs and ecommerce platforms, mostly in the United States, who represent the fastest growing sales channel for ultra premium wines. Our clients are the best in class.  


We take pride in traveling the world in search of the premium, high quality producers and wines. Our main requirement is that wine must be rated by the wine press. If you think your wines might fit and would like to submit your wine directly online, go to Sell Wine.

Silvia and Michael are a perfect team! Wine expertise, professionalism and friendliness! We are happy to work with Silvia and Michael

Elisa Rabino, Sordo

We started working with V&N Cellars in 2017, our collaboration continues to grow. V&N Cellars, and more particularly Silvia, have an undeniable expertise in wines and markets!  The reactivity of the team is a major asset, Maison Lamblin is delighted to see the positioning of the wines established by V&N Cellars. It is both a … Continue reading Alexandra Vailleau, Maison Lamblin

Alexandra Vailleau, Maison Lamblin